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Rules and Guidelines

Post by -Zoe~ on Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:46 pm

Rules of GraphicsWorld
-Do not post pictures of yourself/Make graphics of yourself. This site/forum is kid-friendly
-Do not give out personal imformation.[Name,Email, Phone Number etc.-Myspace and Facebook is for that]
-Do post graphics that all ages would fine cool/nice.
-DO NOT make more than one account. If you do you will be banned with out notice.
-DO NOT advertise unless you have permission.
-.DO NOT flame. Flaming is when a user intentionally disrupts a thread by posting inaccurate, inflammatory, or hateful comments. This is usually done with the desire to get a heated reaction from other posters. Keep in mind that this is a family-oriented and kid-friendly site, and our forums are not meant for instigating arguments. Whereas members may have a difference in opinion, be sure to keep fighting to a minimum.
-Do not spam.Spamming is posting more than once again and again. Or typing randomly. If you do then you will have a warning.

There are three types of offenses:

1. Light Offense - These are tolerable mistakes commonly committed by first-time forum users. We only give reminders for light offense.

2. Minor Offense - These offenses merit a strong warning.

a. First three offenses of the same nature – 3 Warnings
b. Fourth Offense of the same nature – Temporary Account Lock
c. Fifth Offense of the same nature– Permanent Account Lock

3. Major Offense - These are types of offenses that will lead to Immediate Permanent Account Lock

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