How to make a beam.

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How to make a beam.

Post by LightTheCandles♥ on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:00 pm

Do you want to learn how to make a beam? Then follow these steps!
(Note : You must have photofiltre or photoshop to do this!)

Steps on making a simple beam (Using Photofiltre) :
1.First, open up your photofiltre, go to file and select the image you want.
2. Next, go to edit and click define pattern.
3. Then, go to the right hand side with the toolbar and click the white arrow. Select the circle pattern.
4. Go to your image and form an oval on the top of the image.
5. Form as many ovals as you like, until you're near the end of the image.
6. RIght click and select Stroke and Fill, pick the color you want and if you're satisfy with the color, then click "OK".
7. Do this to all the ovals until you're done.
8. Then, go to the right hand side (toolbar) and click the stamp icon. Check the pattern box.
9. Start from the left side and then go to the right side and start from that circle.
(Do this repetedly until you reach the end)
10. When you're done with the clone stamp, go to Filter, click stylize and and go to Progressive Contour.
11. In the Progressive Contour box, check the outside box. Put the width to "15" or less.
Select the same color as the color you used to make the ovals. Click "OK" when you're finish with that.
12. Then use the Stamp tool again and start erasing some of the lines near the face, body, feet etc.
And that's how you make a Beam!

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