How to make rainbow gradient behind a person

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How to make rainbow gradient behind a person

Post by -Zoe~ on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:10 pm


1.Open a blank picture. It doesnt matter what size,as long as it's bigger than your picture
2.Go to your picture,and using the polygon tool,outline your person completely. Then copy it and paste it onto your blank doc.
3.Afterwards,go and cut the person out of the picture.
4.Now use the rectangle tool,and make a small rectangle at the top. Take up about 1/5 of the picture. on the gradient tool. Make the first color red,and the second Orange.
6.Check Top to Bottom and make the opacity about 45%
7.Move the box down. Line the top of it as exact as you can. it'll look funny if it's off.
8.Now do the rest of the rainbow. on the Magic Wand tool and select the white part of the picture.
10.The Right click >Invert selection. Copy it and paste it back onto the original picture.

If you have ANY questions,please PM one of our staff members

-GW Staff


^Like it? Credit goes to Lightandcandles♥️

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