Animated Text Tutorials

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Animated Text Tutorials

Post by -Zoe~ on Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:48 pm

This is ONLY for LUNAPIC .com

1. Open a Rainbow Graphic/Picture, or any other cool colorful picture!
2. Select Animation at the top, then Roll Animation-
3. Select Left to right from the options above to make it move
4. Select Edit - Copy Image to Clipboard
5. Select Draw-Text Tool.
6. Write in Any Words you want. it doesn't matter. in my example I Put "Isn't This Cool?"
7. Select a Font. Prefferably, A Wide Font like funhouse so you can see it clearly. But It does not make much of a difference
8. Then in "Pattern" Box, Select My Clipboard.

TA - DA!

you have made an animated text.!

Very Happy


^Like it? Credit goes to Lightandcandles♥️

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